Collaboration goes a long way in business. Especially for a business within an industry that’s all about authenticity. And while not many industries tick that box, businesses within the spiritual industry can take a breath of fresh air. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you truly get to be YOU at work.

Another major bonus within this industry is that you don’t have to be afraid of your competition. Instead, you can view them as your potential tribe. If you are already doing something similar, then most likely you’ll have a lot in common. You’ll resonate with each other instantly. Just imagine how big of an impact you could make together if you chose collaboration over competition.

Collaboration over competition: consciously reaching out to the right people makes a huge difference in the energy of your business within the spiritual industry

That’s exactly what I did. When I first came across Spiritual Business Spotlight, I immediately wanted to get to know these amazing souls. I resonated so much with what we do. We both have similar visions and missions, so to me, it was obvious that we’ll speak the same language. In traditional business terms, we are indirect competitors to each other. We target the same audience and we offer them similar solutions. But I listened to my inner voice that was shouting at me in joy: here’s someone who will really get you, go connect with your tribe. Because when you do just that, when you consciously take a leap forward, you’ll create opportunities that serve the greater good better.

Following my inner voice created the opportunity for me to have a genuine chat with Sue Ellis-Saller from Spiritual Business Spotlight. We sparred about bringing spirituality into business, and the importance of using authentic branding as a healer, lightworker and spiritual entrepreneur. We swapped thoughts about genuine business development within the spiritual industry. Our souls lit up when we chatted about building communities by choosing collaboration over competition.

And the best part? I met an amazing soul who thinks the same way about business and spirituality as I do. We didn’t have a conversation to keep the useful how-to to ourselves, but we recorded the whole thing so you can also join this topic. Watch our full conversation right here and let us know in the comments what’s your biggest challenge with mixing spirituality and business:

Collaboration is good for your mental health

When you choose to collaborate, you’re using your social skills in a way that creates value. And when you create value, your sense of worthiness gets a nice top-up. In addition to this, you also establish a meaningful connection. In fact, humans are designed to be social creatures. We need connection, we need a sense of belonging, we need to be part of communities. It’s no accident that the “find your tribe” phrase has become a prominent power sentence within the spiritual industry.

Collaboration is also another great tool to gain new customers as a spiritual entrepreneur or as a purposeful business. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when I shared with you 5 ways to get more customers. In case you’re still wondering how to start your spiritual business, then you can follow my 11-step guide that includes 11 exercises to help you launch successfully.