Spiritual alignment

Spiritual alignment is when your physical activities in your life are in synch with your inner, spiritual calling and mission. When you are your authentic self in your day-to-day activities such as your work, how you behave in your relationships, how you act & react to situations and how you are manifesting the life that your higher self wants you to have.

Aligning your self spiritually is definitely not a fun ride. Please stay away from people who tell you it’s all about ‘love & light’. It’s not. It’s about facing your wounds and traumas, and actively working on healing them. It’s about genuinely wanting to evolve and become a better person every day. It’s about gathering the courage to step away from toxic environments and relationships.

Without doing the shadow work, you will not reach the love and light stage. Thankfully, there are many authentic energy healers out there to support you with your spiritual alignment.

As the spiritual industry has exploded in recent years, it also meant that many amazing impact-driven souls finally stepped into their own light. They started their own businesses as spiritual entrepreneurs. But this sudden boom also meant that nothing was centralised. It took a lot of searching on Google to find all the resources you needed to start or market your spiritual business.

Spiritual alignment quote by Mooji

While you are working own aligning yourself spiritually, you might want to have a support system around you. Energy workers and healers who can help you move past your emotional and karmic blocks to be able to step into your mission.

Throughout my journey, I came across so many talented energy healers out there who are dedicating their lives to serving the conscious community. To serve people like you and this way they fulfil their soul’s mission.

I wanted to ease the process for you to find these authentic energy workers. To save you some time and remove the frustration of finding these amazing souls out there who are passionate about helping you along your spiritual development journey.

I collected all the essentials you need. They all have my personal seal of approval, you can trust that they are driven by making a positive impact in our world.

In case you’re also a lightworker who helps with spiritual alignment and you resonate with this mission, you can submit your spiritual business services here for review and vetting.

Realign yourself mentally and spiritually with these powerful mediation tools:

By Amarylis mediation set. A tool for spiritual alignment

Deep relaxation and rejuvenation guided mediation set created by soulful entrepreneur: by Amarylis.

I love her straight forward energy and the name of her course Becoming Unfuckwithable, just shows exactly the type of powerhouse she truly is.

Grab your 3 guided mediation download here and keep them forever 💙

What you’ll get:
✨ 3 guided audio meditations: 20 min – 30 min – 40 min
✨ Experience of the ancient art of yogic sleep (a particular combination of meditation and yoga where you give your body permission to fall asleep while your consciousness remains awake and aware)
✨ Experience coming home to yourself

Discover what kind of spiritual business role suits you if you’re not sure how to get started. Turning your mission into your career is such a rewarding step forward. This quiz will take you a step closer to figure out who you could make a living out of your soul’s mission.