Realigning your spiritual marketing doesn’t need to feel like a gigantic task. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you simply can’t follow traditional and outdated marketing methods. Instead, you need to bring your own mission, and your own calling to your marketing efforts.

It might sound like the obvious step and I’m sure you already know this, yet when it comes to turning this concept into reality, many of you become unsure about how to do this. Authentic marketing within the spiritual industry is all about showing the world who you REALLY are. Sharing your story, your drivers and your mission with your ideal audience.

If these are not coming across clearly in your marketing materials, your potential clients won’t be taking any action to connect and work with you. The good news is that you can easily carry out a self-audit for your spiritual marketing to ensure that your impactful business is communicating what you’re really about.

The 4 questions that your spiritual marketing needs

4 steps of spiritual marketing to realign your business energetically

Let me explain how these questions will help you realign your overall brand and your marketing activities. Keep in mind that as a spiritual entrepreneur you are building a brand that follows your higher self’s calling. Moreover, you are driven by making a positive difference in our world and that needs to come across in your marketing efforts as well. For this reason, you need to do a bit of soul-searching before you look at any new marketing methods to try.

The 4 steps that you can see in the image above, are the absolute essentials you need to work out first. In simple terms, they create the core pillars of your spiritual marketing:

  1. Your target audience (niche) ➡️ Be relatable
  2. Your focus tasks ➡️ Energize your tasks
  3. Your customer avatar ➡️ Feel the reality
  4. Your long-term business vision ➡️ Make an impact

Given that you are not trying to deceive your audience with sleazy marketing hacks, you need to optimize your marketing efforts in authentic ways. To put it clearly: you need to create your answers in their most honest forms. No shortcuts, no hype-creating intention.

You are here to help humanity evolve and heal. You are here because you are guiding us to raise our collective consciousness. And the fact that you’re reading this now, clearly shows that you’re ready to follow your calling.

Realign your spiritual marketing

When you understand that everything needs a solid foundation, (just as your own development journey needed new perspectives), you’ll make peace with marketing as well. Now that this is out of the way, let me show you how these 4 questions can realign your spiritual marketing and business. I promise I keep it simple and short!

Step 1 – Be relatable

As soon as you realize that you don’t need to serve everyone, the easier your marketing becomes. Do a quick audit on the niche you chose to ensure that they can resonate with you and what you stand for. (In case you are struggling to choose a niche for your spiritual business, find some guidance in this article) The quickest way to realign your biz is to ask yourself:

Who can relate to my journey?

First of all, it will remind you how you can provide value to people who had similar journeys. Furthermore, it will give you clarity about how to position yourself in the market. Get your journalling kit ready and start listing specific scenarios and situations to describe your aligned niche.

Step 2 – Energize your tasks

Although this step might seem like it has nothing to do with spiritual marketing, in reality, it’s actually a crucial part of the process. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you don’t have the resources (at first) to delegate everything in your business. You don’t have a marketing department with 15 people supporting you and another 15 doing outreach. With this in mind, you need to pick your focus tasks to see the best results of your efforts. Ask yourself:

When do I feel the most energized?

This will show you the type of activities that your soul craves. In addition to this, you will also get a reminder of what brings you joy in your business. Write them down and do a reality check. Are you doing mainly these activities? What can you change to bring more of these into your spiritual business? If this is the part that holds you back the most, then have a look at my structured 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness program to help you declutter the marketing mess.

Step 3 – Feel the reality

Finally, we’re at a step that deeply needs your intuitive and empath skills! When you energetically connect with your ideal clients, you can truly understand what they might be feeling. This is the most fun part of realigning your spiritual marketing. Tap into your intuition and ask yourself:

What does my ideal client feel?

Think about the frustrations, the pains and the uncertainty they might be facing. How does it make them feel? Now look at your offers and double-check if you’re addressing these feelings. Even if you think that you’ve somewhat mentioned them, tweak your sales and marketing copy to include those feelings. As people make decisions based on emotions, you don’t want to skip this step.

Step 4 – Make an impact

Without a doubt, this one should be fairly obvious. Yet, we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture and can easily get caught up in day-to-day activities. Remind yourself of what your higher self really wanted you to do when you started your spiritual business. That mission needs to shine through your marketing as well. For example, in my case, I felt this deep calling to combine my spirituality and business. After many years of internal frustration, finally, I had that moment of clarity. When I knew that my path is to serve the spiritual community with my business and marketing knowledge. But back to you. To realign your branding, ask yourself:

How does my business make a positive impact?

This simple question will remind you of your soul’s mission. And that mission should be the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. In simple terms, all your marketing messaging needs to mention this (like I mentioned mine just a few sentences ago). Take some time off and quiet your mind to answer this last question. I’m certain that you’re already making a positive difference in the world and I want you to keep doing that while you also make a living out of your soul’s calling.

I hope that these 4 steps helped you gain some clarity about how to fine-tune your spiritual marketing. As I genuinely love connecting with my audience, I encourage you to reach out to me on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook as I believe that we are all connected. We are all one. This is why I named my business Connect One Marketing to honour this concept.

Timi Orosz spiritual marketing and business mentor on how to start a meditation business blog post

I’m wishing you a soulful process and if you’re ever stuck just know that I’m here.